Welcome to Reason

Meet the new kid on the block, Reason Beer. After graduating from UVA, lead brewer Mark Fulton went on to complete the American Brewers Guild Craftbrewer’s Apprenticeship Program and worked as the Director of Brewing Operations at Maine Beer Company- a brewery with a cult-status fan base recognized for its minimally branded European-style pint bottles and its nationally acclaimed Lunch IPA. Fulton later returned to the Blue Ridge Mountains to open a start-up independent brewery with longtime friends and fellow entrepreneurs Patrick Adair and Jeff Raileanu. After three years of careful planning, recipe development, and design, their dream has become a reality.

Located on the west side of Charlottesville’s Meadows neighborhood, Reason Beer opened to the public in July 2017. The proprietors’ stated mission is to create beers that exemplify balance, creativity, and flavor. Of their four core beers, Reason Pale Ale and Reason Blonde were the first to be bottled and sent out to retailers. Blonde features a subtle maltiness and bright acidity, combining the spicy qualities of Old World hops with the fresh, citrusy notes from those of the New World. Pale Ale features a classic European malt base and bright American hops for a pronounced citrus flavor and dry finish. So, if you’re seeking the perfect pint that was designed with quality in mind from grain to glass, the Reason might just be the answer.