Based in Saint Louis, Missouri, Perennial Artisan Ales is a rare bird in the American craft beer industry. The brewery’s philosophy is “To brew beer with the adventurous craft beer drinker in mind — focusing on hand-crafted, small batches of beer, using local, seasonal and organic ingredients as much as possible.” Their dedication to the hand-crafted nature of their brewing process is a point of pride: relative to other medium sized breweries which have heavily automated brewing systems that favor efficiency over ingenuity, Perennial’s approach is one of minimal automation with mostly manual dials. Similarly, the brewery uses new yeast for every batch of beer they make- a very uncommon practice in the industry since the cost savings of brewing with only one house yeast strain and reusing that strain batch-to-batch is considerable. This method, however, gives Perennial the advantage of producing a wider range of flavors from the yeast-driven esters.  

While these practices consistently make for a premium product, they usually also come at a premium price can be a challenge to business viability. Still, contrary to the standard business model of launching and growing a brewery in one state before expanding outward, Perennial began sending beer to cities such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Chicago early on. This strategy earned them exposure and fostered an interest in more eclectic, interesting flavors which allowed the brewery to surpass their initial five-year projections. We currently have two Perennial products in stock. Suburban Beverage is a Gose style ale brewed with salt, orange peel, lemon peel and key lime juice. Fantastic Voyage is built on the base of an imperial milk stout with a heap of dried coconut added in the whirlpool. The result is a luscious blend of baker’s chocolate, subtle roast, and sweet coconut. These ales are incredibly nuanced and are best enjoyed in a wine glass or brandy snifter.