DIY Pool Party

Nothing says “summer” like sitting next to the pool, and nothing says “summer beer” like a Belgian-inspired cherry Wheat Ale. When you combine the two you get Bell’s Brewing Pooltime Ale (called Poolside last year, if you’ve been keeping an eye out for it), a tart and fruity beer that uses Montmorency cherries grown in Michigan, where Bell’s is headquartered. Sitting at a refreshing 5.2% ABV and with a limited availability, Pooltime is the perfect Ale to kick start your summer.

If you’re a fan of Bell’s, or really just a fan of craft beer, there’s not much we can tell you about Oberon that you don’t already know. Oberon is a Bell’s flagship - a classic wheat ale brewed with only four ingredients - proving that simple really is better. What is newsworthy is that Oberon’s delicious simplicity is back in mini-keg form, holding five liters on the inside and displaying Bell’s eccentric artwork on the outside. Perfect for a weekend gathering outside, and when you’re finished, a centerpiece to show off your dedication to drinking good beer.