Big Sours

Kansas City’s Boulevard Brewing have put on their mad scientist hats with their Love Child series, now in its eighth iteration. A mix of Flanders style red ale and a sour sour-style Belgian golden, Love Child Number 8 is aged in bourbon barrels and features Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces cultures to give the beer some real funk. That funk, along with sour and fruit components, are indicated by a gauge on the label that helps to tell the story of the beer when it was released. This beer is a wild one, but you couldn’t have a love child without a little bit of experimentation now, could you?

Hailing from Orange County, California, Bruery Terreux has been cranking out farmhouse-style wild and sour ales since 2008. Goses Are Red is a little bit Gose and a slight bit Rosé, a wheat-based beer that pushes the boundaries of what a farmhouse ale can be. Starting off with tart and sour notes encouraged by Bruery Terreux’s in-house cultures, Goses are Red gets its wine-like qualities from the addition of grapes and time spent in an oak foeder. This Gose is red, but you’re going to feel blue if you miss out on it.