***LAUREN left her bartending days behind when she bought Midtowne Market in 2010. I don't know what you want to know in this section really, so here's some facts. Graduated JMU in 2003, which was also when I started getting into craft beer. Love books, music, tattoos, and beer.

"I bought the business in 2010, started as an upscale bodega-esque downtown convenience store with a focus on craft beer. Over the next few years we continued to expand on the craft beer selection, going down the rabbit hole of beer nerdiness, getting tons of imports, rare goodies, one-offs, and the like, until we had completely outgrown our space (and then some), and the beer had taken over the whole store. That's when it became apparent that we needed to open a second store, just for the beer. Hence Midtowne Bottle Shop." 


STRAUB was employed at Midtowne Market when it first opened in 2007, and stayed on until it closed in 2010. Lauren and Straub were friends in college so she hired him back when she re-opened the store in spring of 2010, and they've been like peanut butter and jelly since. haha. Straub is the manager of Midtowne Market, but works at the Bottle Shop too, and is featured on our gift certificates. 

SARAH is also a derby girl; plays on Rocktown Rollers since their inception. She might be particular about what we put on here about her (as will Torie) so let me check with them to get their input on the rest.


PRAVEEN is the most amazing guitarist to see live, totally shreds, is all about the music, plays in Earthling and has been lucky enough to visit several awesome breweries while the band has been on tour. We call him Spider, but don't let him scare you. 



somestuff and some words and interesting facts about you as a human being. Doesn't have to be too long or too serious. 


JON works at Midtowne Market part time while he is working on opening a food truck with his wife Valerie featuring gluten-free food (Jon has celiac disease and sadly can't partake in our communal beer drinking). Luckily we have an awesome cider and mead selection at the Bottle shop.


George started at Market in 2013 while he was bartending at Chop House. Ending up coming to Midtowne full time, and in 2014 he and Lauren decided to go ahead and open the Bottle Shop with george acting as manager of both stores, with a focus on the Bottle Shop.

Alex was hired because of his encyclopedic beer knowledge. Started as a regular customer, became a friend, then became and employee, now manages the Bottle Shop. If you go in the shop you'll likely see him or George and they are more than happy to strike up a conversation about the latest beer, or help you decide what you're drinking this weekend.

Jared loves snakes, cats, and beer. In that order. You've probably seen him playing in some bands around town or serving you lunch (he's worked at several local restaurants). 

Lindy's been with us since 2010. She's a former Rocktown Roller champion derby girl (til she left to join the Charlottesville team). She loves Duchesse de Bourgogne and all things science.

Jesse just recently joined us to help us fill in a gap in shifts. He's better known for being that sick skateboarder you see at Westover or skating around town or working in Wonder Skate Shop, the shop he's owned since _____. It's right next store to the Bottle Shop so check it out!