Adroit Theory B/A/Y/S aged in Port Barrels!

B/A/Y/S [black as your soul] - Imperial Stout Aged in Port Barrels

B/A/Y/S [black as your soul] - Imperial Stout Aged in Port Barrels 

AT sez...."Our base stout aged in Port Barrels. The closest thing we have to a flagship; B/A/Y/S was the first beer we ever brewed. The 5th iteration stays true to the original, but with a few a few tweaks. We re-worked the hop schedule to add a little more bitterness. We also upped the hazelnut and cherries. This one should not be missed!

Tear off your suit-and-tie straightjacket. Submerge yourself in the riches of an alternate life, outside the corporate fishbowl. Obscured in the depths of this Russian Imperial Stout is the dark fruit of shadowy contemplation. Linger too long, ponder too deeply, and you may find your humanity is indelibly etched with the inkblot that is your soul.

Tasting Notes: Jammy notes of dried fruit, full bodied malt flavors give way to cherry & hazelnut notes, dry finish"

DIY Pool Party

Nothing says “summer” like sitting next to the pool, and nothing says “summer beer” like a Belgian-inspired cherry Wheat Ale. When you combine the two you get Bell’s Brewing Pooltime Ale (called Poolside last year, if you’ve been keeping an eye out for it), a tart and fruity beer that uses Montmorency cherries grown in Michigan, where Bell’s is headquartered. Sitting at a refreshing 5.2% ABV and with a limited availability, Pooltime is the perfect Ale to kick start your summer.

If you’re a fan of Bell’s, or really just a fan of craft beer, there’s not much we can tell you about Oberon that you don’t already know. Oberon is a Bell’s flagship - a classic wheat ale brewed with only four ingredients - proving that simple really is better. What is newsworthy is that Oberon’s delicious simplicity is back in mini-keg form, holding five liters on the inside and displaying Bell’s eccentric artwork on the outside. Perfect for a weekend gathering outside, and when you’re finished, a centerpiece to show off your dedication to drinking good beer.


Beer names come with a deliberate intent. In just a single word, a name can tell you everything you need to know about what you’re about to drink.  With a name like Doom, you expect a beer to pull no punches and take no prisoners, and that’s exactly what Founder’s Brewing Company have in mind. Doom is a bourbon barrel-aged Imperial IPA sitting at 12.5% ABV. Initially only available in Founder’s taproom, with its last commercially available release in 2013, Doom is complex but manages to stay smooth with hints of vanilla and oak as a result of the barrel aging process. You don’t need to fear Doom, but you should be prepared for it.

Bruery Releases!!!!

"Saule is French for “willow”, a traditional nine-year anniversary gift. Our ninth anniversary ale, Saule, follows in the footsteps of our anniversary releases before it, which are loosely based on an English-style old ale, fermented with our house yeast strain, aged in bourbon barrels and blended using the solera method. This means that a portion of each anniversary ale is saved in oak barrels and blended in with the next year’s production, providing more complexity and depth of character as the years go by. The result is layered in robust and complex flavors of toffee, caramel, dark fruit, vanilla and oak." --from the Bruery's website

California and Florida combine to give you Cuban guava pasty in beer form, and we couldn’t be hungrier. A collaboration between Orange County’s The Bruery and Funky Buddha out of southern Florida, Guava Libre is an Imperial Cream Ale brewed with guava, and turned sweet and delicious with the use of milk sugar and vanilla beans. If you’re looking for a vacation down to Miami but can’t leave the Shenandoah Valley, Guava Libre has you covered.

Sans Pagaie is a Belgian-style kriek that translates from French to “without a paddle”. A kriek is a traditional Belgian Sour Ale aged in barrels with cherries, and San Pagaie  ups the ante with flavors of coconut, vanilla and a slight funk. If you do happen to find yourself up a creek, San Pagaie wouldn’t be a bad beer to have with you.

New from Adroit Theory!!

Here's what the brewery's got to say about these two new releases:

EBK: New England Style Triple IPA

3/16: EBK - New England Style Double IPA

"If you got to sample the DIPA version of EBK, than you now know that Adroit Theory has stepped up its game when it comes to hoppy beers.

Brewed with even more hops than #1, this beer is triple dry-hopped with Citra & Mosaic. We also upped the Wheat and Oats in the grain bill for an even creamier mouthfeel. This will also mute the bitterness a little to give it an even juicier bouquet."

Tasting Notes: Smooth Creamy Mouthfeel, Citrus Aromatics, Juicy Sweetness, Hazy Appearance.

Liminal Spaces: Biere de Garde

5/19: Liminal Spaces - Barrel Aged Bier de Garde

"We collaborated with our friends from Council Brewing (San Diego, CA) for this one. The base beer is a malt-forward Bier de Garde that is characterized by a toasted malt aroma, slight malt sweetness in flavor, and medium hop bitterness.

We fermented the beer with our own "Purcellville Yeast" a wild Sacch Yeast we used in our Two Headed Calf. Once fermented, we transferred the beer to used Bourbon Barrels that had previously held a Golden Sour with Alphonso Mangos. The beer was infected with Councils house blend of Brett and Lacto, where it aged for 6 months."

Tasting Notes: Sweet Malt Aromas with a Tropical Element, Hint of Funk, Belgian Style Esters, Dry Finish.

Boulevard Changeling

Out of Kansas City, Missouri, Boulevard’s Changeling is a Dark Sour Ale aged in whiskey and wine barrels. The real fun part comes with its treatment with Lactobacillus as well as Brettanomyces, a yeast that helps add the sour flavor and is translated from Greek as “British fungus” (you KNOW we love our fungus here). Changeling features hints of peach, roasted malt, caramel and some all-around delicious Brett funk.

Captain Lawrence Has Arrived

Brewing out of the New York City metropolitan area, Captain Lawrence recently expanded their distribution to Virginia, and we’ve got some of their sours for you to check out. Barrel Select – Green and Barrel Select – Gold are both sour ales that have been aged for up to three years at Captain Lawrence. The result of that aging process are sours that could almost be compared to wine. Both the Green and the Gold variants are brewed with Columbus and Citra hops and wheat malts, with the Green variant adding El Dorado hops for a more citrusy flavor. Sour fans rejoice, Captain Lawrence has found land in the Shenandoah Valley.

Ommegang's Latest GOT and Terrapin Chubby Bunny

Two exciting new releases just hit the bottle shop today!

To celebrate the upcoming seventh season of Game of Thrones (July 16, for those who can barely wait), Brewery Ommegang, in partnership with HBO, have created Bend the Knee, a Golden Ale that pays homage to the control of the seven kingdoms. If you’re one of the few hundred people on the planet who hasn’t seen the show, you can still enjoy the beer: an even mix of citrus and malt, and a light sweetness of honey.

Terrapin Beer Company started an employee home-brew competition a few years ago, which is easily one of the best ideas coming out of the craft beer industry. Chubby Bunny is the fourth beer in that series, which helps to promote innovation and the breaking of all sorts of expectations around what a beer can be. This Imperial S’Mores Milk Stout is no different, with notes of graham crackers, toasted marshmallow, and dark chocolate coming together to make you ask for, well, s’more (sorry, we had to).

Firestone Parabola

A beer for math nerds and beer nerds alike, Firestone Walker’s Parabola is an absolute monster of an ale. Sitting at 14.5% ABV, Parabola is a Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout, aged for a full year in bourbon barrels before being unleashed into the world. Firestone Walker consistently puts out some of the boldest and most daunting beers in the craft brew landscape, and Parabola is no different. With flavors of vanilla, bourbon, chocolate, and heaps of roasted malt, Parabola’s spot in Beer Advocate’s Top 50 list is easily justified.

Also, I just finished a Parabola and it ruled, totally kicked my ass.

Schlafly Variant

It's been over 500 days since their last release in the Ibex Rare Series, but Schlafly is back at it with the third release from that project, The Variant. Taking what they call a ”no holds barred approach” to brewing beer, Schlafly barrel aged parts of The Variant in port barrels, while the rest cozied up with cacao nibs. The result of the aging and blending process is a Port Barrel Aged Stout with flavors of chocolate, blackberries, plums, and caramel. Act quickly if you want to get your hands on The Variant, it might be a few more years before the next Ibex Rare beer comes out.


It's back!

Shploing!! The exclamation points aren’t even ours, and what’s in a name is, in this case, exactly what’s in a beer. Shploing!! is a product of Omnipollo out of Sweden, a brewing concept more than a brick and mortar, and recipient of a “Top 100 Breweries in the World” recognition in 2015. What they’ve come up with here is an India Pale Ale brewed with marshmallows and graham crackers, with mango and vanilla added for good measure. If it comes from Omnipollo you know it’ll be different, you know it’ll be fun, and you know it will be delicious.

5 Years of Midtowne+Dogfish Head+Record Store Day=Sweeeet

Record Store Day is almost here (Saturday, April 18th), which is the day before Midtowne Market's 5 year anniversary, so Midtowne Bottle Shop is going to celebrate the crap out of that day. We have a case of Dogfish Head Record Store Day pint glasses, and a stack of posters, and some DFH "Music to drink beer to" CD's and records. Katie from Dogfish Head will be joining us from 12-3 for a DFH tap takeover and tasting with 60 min, 61 min, 90 min, Burton, Palo Santos, and Namaste. Any purchase of DFH bottle or draft that day over $10 gets you a raffle ticket for a FREE DOGFISH HEAD RECORD PLAYER. First 24 purchases also get a glass and a poster. Whatever posters we have leftover after the 24 we'll continue to give out as purchases are made until we run out. Plus Wonder Records is doing a cross-promotion with us--any purchase from Midtowne Bottle Shop gets you an additional 10% off select records that will already be discounted 15% that day, and any purchase at Wonder Records gets you 5% off any purchase at the Bottle Shop. The only question is: where do you go first?

Crab Action Record Release Tasting THIS THURSDAY!!

Welcome to a very special tasting. Thursday March 5th from 5-7pm, join us and Wonder Records in celebrating Crab Action's record release with an all-crustacean all-evil beer tasting. Band members (and Midtowne employees) Broccoli Killbush and Booze Worm, and lead crabber Gnat King Cruel are the masterminds behind this week's selection, including the elusive Gnatty Boh beer--good luck finding this beer in your average bottle shop!

Heads up, it's gonna get weird.