KEG ORDER faq's and tips


  • We use many different distributors for different breweries and time schedules vary—generally, 5 days advance notice will be enough time to fill your order.  However, if you are unsure of what you would like, or are interested in a seasonal beer, please note that this process may take longer, so the earlier you can contact us, the better!
  • We do not sell kegs imported from Europe or the U.K., but we are happy to offer other suggestions as a replacement.
  • Keg Size Info: Keg dimensions may vary slightly by manufacturer and brewery.

    1/2 Keg
    Holds 15.5 gallons – approximately 160 12oz servings
    1/4 Keg
    Holds 7.75 gallons – approximately 80 12oz servings
    1/6 Keg
    Holds 5 gallons – approximately 53 12oz servings

  • We do not deliver, but our Midtowne Market location is open 7 days a week, and long hours, so pick up is convenient.

  • Keg beer is carbonated, just like bottled or canned beer. After it has been transported to your location, give your keg some time (at least an hour or so) to settle if possible--if you don't, you may have excessive foaming during the first minutes of pouring, which means wasted beer, and that makes us sad.

  • All deposits are refunded upon return of the items.

  • Deposits include $30 per keg for the shell, $50 per tap aka "party pump" (if needed), and $20 per bucket (if needed).

  • Rental fees are not refunded, and include $10 per tap (if needed), and $10 per bucket (if needed)
  • Check out this link and/or this video for helpful tips on how to pour a beer without getting a glass full of foam.